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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Current Obsession - The Vamps Wake Up

For today's blog post, I'm going to talk about a current love of mine, the vamps newest album Wake Up.  I'm currently absolutely obsessed with this album, there's not a song on it that I don't love.

My particular faves are cheater, windmills, volcano and I found a girl. What I love about the vamps is that there isn't a single song on their new album that I don't love. Another great thing about the album is that there are 18 songs on the CD, yes that's 18 songs! Most albums only have 9-13 songs on them so I think it's great that this album has loads of songs because you don't fed up of them.

The only thing I would say is that the album does have a rather summery feel but at least that means I will probably still love it in 6 months time.

I think the vamps have such a unique feel and all of there songs are really uplifting and catchy. None of the songs on this particular album have actually made it to the charts in the UK which stuns me because the songs are all amazing! 
I hope you enjoyed this style of post, see you next time!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What I got for Christmas // Mega Beauty Haul

I was very fortunate to recieve lots of lovely gifts for Christmas and I got loads of beauty products so I really wanted to do a haul post on here. I'm extremely grateful for all the gifts I recieved and I'm not trying to brag or post at all I just wanted to show you some ofe the things I'm into. 

Soap and Glory - Bright and Bubbly
This gift set has the most super cute packaging and it includes: clean on me shower gel, the scrub of your life body butter, the righteous butter body moisturiser, hand food hand cream and a shower sponge. I'm really excited to try all these products because I know how renown soap and glory products are.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I absolutely love this cleanser and towards Christmas I was running out so I was thrilled to unwrap a new one. 

Intimately by Beckham
This perfume smells absolutely gorgeous and when I'm wearing it I do actually get compliments. I searched it up and its really cheap so I would 100% recommend that you invest in it.

Lush - Firecracker
This firecracker gift set definitely is a firecracker! (Aren't I funny?!) I'm really excited to use ur and it includes The experimenter, Intergalactic bath bomb and Candy mountain.

Lush - Merry and Bright
Whereas the other lush set is bath based this one is more body based and it includes beautiful shower gel, rub rub rub body scrub and celebrate body lotion.

No7 - Cleansing Brush Set
I've wanted to try a cleansing brush for a long while so I was really pleased to open this present. This set comes with a melting gel cleanser and a night cream with both look gorgeous.

No7 - Brush Set
This gift set included a lovely red and pink leather make up bag to store makeup brushes. The brushes are all lovely and the ones included in the set are: A foundation brush, a powder brush, a lip brush, a double ended smudged brush and an eyeshadow brush.

2 Lynx Sets
I think everybody knows what a lynx set is so I won't talk about them too much except I will say that I love them.

O.P.I - All Saints
I've wanted to try O.P.I's For a while because I know how good they are so this little gift set was perfect. It includes 10 minis in the shades: Bubble bath, Tickle my France-y, Alphine snow, Princesses rule, strawberry margarita, that's hula-rious, do you have this colour in stock-holm, Lilcoln park after dark, big apple red and Malaga wine.

Champneys gift set
I've used champney products before so I was estactic to unwrap this gift set on Christmas Day. The gift set includes: mediterranean bubble heaven, distant shores body butter, energising lime body scrub and citrus blush shower gel.

Beauticology - Sweet Temptations 
The packaging of this gift was so cute, it was like a Christmas cracker. Within this gift there are three body butters all with Christmassy scentd the first is hot chocolate the second is gingerbread and the third is marshmallow.

Original Source - Coconut & Shea 
I've tried original source shower gels before and every single scent smells amazing, I also absolutely love the packaging I think it's so cute that they add a fact about how the shower gel was made.

So overall I've definitely been spooky rotten! I'm really excited about using all of these products, they all look gorgeous! What Christmas presents did you get?

Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Resolutions

As it has is now officially 2016 I thought that I would take this opportunity to review last years goals and set some new ones for 2016. Some of you dedicated readers (if there are any!) may remember that this time last year I did a blog post that was an A-Z of all my goals. Today I'm going to review those goals and see which ones I've managed to complete.

Last years goals:

A: Ark (Buy some clothing from there) Unfortunately I didn't achieve this goal as I never went to ark oh well.
B: Benefit (Try one of their products) I have a mini sized roller lash and I have tried a sample of the porefessional.
C: Craft (Do more) I'm not to sure on this goal but I'm not too fussed about this goal.
D: Decor (Buy more room stuff) I've definitely completed this goal as my room  has had lots of cute accents added.
E: Eat (Healthier) At times I have completed this goal but not always.
F: Fitness (do more) I have definitely completed this goal which makes me very happy.
G: Get togethers (Throw more) 
Yeah maybe I've completed this one I guess?
H: Homework (Don't leave till last minute) Yeah I think I've completed this one, which is definitely good.
J: Jump higher (It will be useful in netball) I would say I've completed this goal, tbh it was a bit of an odd goal.
K: Kind (Be more) ummm let's skip this one
L: Less time on gadgets (:P) I definitely haven't completed this one.
M: Milkshakes (Drink more healthy fruit shakes) Again this is another odd goal.
N: Nail Polish (Buy more) My nail varnish collection has definitely increased!
O: Outdoors (More often) I've probably completed this goal which is good.
P: Photo's (Take more and frame them) I'm currently in the process of printing all my photos out.
Q: Quotes (Print and frame some) No I haven't completed this goal which is a shame.
R: Reading (Read some new books) I've discovered new books like paper towns and Geek Girl all that Glitters.
S: Starbucks (go there with friends) I've definitely completed this goal.
T: Train (Do more netball training) I've definitely does the training, but I still want to do even more!
U: Ukulele (Play it more) I have definitely become more musical in the past year and I have appreciated the effort in music.
V: View (witness some good ones) I witnessed some lovely views on holiday in the summer.
W: Work (Babysitting) I've done a lot more babysitting this year and even started tutoring.
X: ---
Y: Youtube (Watch more because I love it!) I haven't watched that much YouTube this year which in hindsight is probably a good thing because it's so addictive!
Z: ---

This year I've decided that I'm going to set myself 10 simple goals that I really want to focus on. Some are very general like 'be happy' but others are a lot more specific which I think makes them more achievable. They're in no particular order and here they are.

1. Use a calendar
2. Write a diary (dear diary)
3. Complete more Strength & Conditioning 
4. Train harder in Netball 
5. Stop overthinking
6. Spend less time online
7. Make good memories (ski trip)
8. Eat less chocolate 
9. Make a Scrapbook
10. Appreciate the little things

I really hope you enjoyed this reflective, retrospective post. I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into my life. What are your New Years goals?

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


I'm really sorry that I've been so rubbish and haven't posted in nearly 2 months, I always go through phases where I end up not posting and it really bugs me that im so inconsistenet. I think I always end up not posting because sometimes I try to make my blog like the others I see and read which really isn't me. I do really enjoy blogging but I think I need to stop trying to make my blog like others and to just make my blog 'me'. Some of you may have notivced that I've also stopped posting on my themed instagram, which was once again for the same reasons that I stopped posting on my blog. One of my new years resolutions is going to be that I relaunch (if that makes sense) my blog and my instagram. I am hopefully (if I can get technical enough) going to redesign my blog and make it look more professionl and something that I am more happy with. 

I would love to do some more collabs in the New Year with other bloggers, if this is something you would be interested in please feel free to contact me using the details below:

email - ellajennings03@yahoo.co.uk
instagram dm - @w.onderful

I hope everyone has a Brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Autumn Outfit Inspo

Today I have a very different post for you guys, it's an Autumn outfit inspiration post. know some of the photos aren't the greatest but my younger brother was the photographer (bless him). Also it was a very bad hair day and it was practically impossible to show the rips in the knees of the jeans.


 What's your favourite fashion item for autumn? 


Friday, 30 October 2015

Saturday, 24 October 2015

50 Things to Conquer Boredom

It's half term (woo hoo)! As much as I love half term I know for a fact that I will get bored at some point, so I've put this list together so that you will never be bored, enjoy!

Board Game Battle
Choreograph a dance routine
Create a Halloween make-up look 
Create a healthy smoothie
Dance to loud music
Do some colouring
Fly a kite
Go bowling
Go on a run 
Go Shopping
Go to the cinema
Halloween Crafts
Have a clear out 
Have a pamper session 
Have a photoshoot
Have a tea party
Host a party
Learn a magic trick
Make a bored jar
Make bath bombs
Make-up Clear Out
Make a DIY starbucks drink
Make a video star
Movie Marathon
Netflix and Chill 
Online shopping
Paint your nails 
Plan a sleepover
Play on the wii 
Play 2048
Practice new hairstyles
Practice an Autumnal make-up look
Read a book
Read Blog posts 
Reinvent old clothes
Revise for that test you have
Ride your bike
Run yourself a bubble bath
Sort out your Nail Varnishes 
Start a blog
Tidy your room
Use a face mask
Visit your sims ( I know you've abandoned them!)
Walk the dog
Wardrobe Sort out 
Wash the car 
Write a diary
YouTube Videos

This took me ages to find exactly 50 things so I really really hope that this is helpful.